A Lesson From Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Love him or hate him (and I know how most of us Eagles fans feel), Tom Brady is a 6-time Super Bowl Champion (as of date of this article).

And for all of the training, preparation, and film study that has been the foundation of his success, it’s perhaps Brady’s “team-friendly” contracts over the years that have equally contributed to his individual and team achievement.

Business Insider’s recent article estimated that Brady sacrificed approximately $60 Million Dollars in his career in order to allow the New England Patriots to address other needs and continue to compete at an elite level.

So, for those of you (myself included) who don’t exactly worship Tom Brady, why should we care?

Because there is a lesson to be learned here for all entrepreneurs, negotiators, and deal-makers…..in order to reach the long-term goals of any business or venture, we must oftentimes sacrifice money and opportunities in the short term.

For example…..one of our firm’s clients has launched an exciting concept that is growing at a tremendous pace and developing a very loyal following. The client has already been approached by outside companies that want to franchise it.

While that sounds exciting, it doesn’t align with the client’s desire to develop the brand organically and retain absolute control over the growth of the company.

If you are a business owner, investor or entrepreneur, always remain focused on executing your long-term vision and strategy. The disciplined actions you take (like signing deals that will help you reach your goals) will dictate your ultimate success.

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