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Due Diligence In A Commercial Real Estate Transaction

In the context of a commercial real estate transaction, a buyer performs certain due diligence in order to unearth issues affecting a property so that the buyer can properly evaluate his/her risk-and, ultimately to help the buyer make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the closing of the deal. When purchasing commercial real […]

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Open for Business

Financing Your Business Purchase

So, you have decided to leave corporate America and purchase your own business.  After months of research, you have found a great business for sale that suits your skills and passion.  Now…how are you going to pay for it? One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs who want to purchase an existing business is coming […]

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LLC vs Corporation

LLCs vs. Corporations

In today’s world, everyone with access to a Smartphone, tablet or laptop has the tools to not only start, but to develop and grow, a successful business. From virtual assistants and freelance web designers to financial professionals, retailers and your best friend who’s trying to create the next hottest trend, the internet (and all of […]

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Building a Commercial Real Estate Team

Building a Commercial Real Estate Team

Even seasoned real estate investors and entrepreneurs require a great “team” to insure success.  An effective team can consist of an accountant, attorney, broker, financial advisor, lender, and other investors/entrepreneurs serving as mentors. Each team member brings an area of expertise to the table that can be extremely valuable in your next transaction. When getting […]

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Business Lease Terms

Do you know the terms of your business lease?

The success of any business often relies heavily on the location and functionality of its office or retail space. Therefore, it is extremely important for business owners and entrepreneurs to completely understand the business terms of their lease agreements. Here are 5 key business lease terms you should be familiar with before signing on the […]

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