M&A / Business Transactions

Buying or Selling a Business

A common growth strategy of many companies is acquiring another company.  This allows the purchasing entity to obtain valuable machinery, equipment, fixtures, licenses, inventory, contracts, customer base, intellectual property, real estate, infrastructure/systems and goodwill.  These acquisitions are frequently structured as either the purchase of assets or the purchase of stock.

Experienced M&A Lawyers

JM LAW Group has acted as transactional counsel to buyers and sellers in hundreds of asset-purchase and stock-purchase transactions in a variety of industries, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical/dental
  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Health and wellness
  • Distribution
  • Home services
  • Pet supplies/services
  • Entertainment
  • Education

Our involvement in a particular deal starts with having meaningful conversations with clients long before they begin the transaction process.  Oftentimes, we can identify potential pitfalls and challenges before a client starts spending significant money on legal fees and due diligence.

Once a client has committed to moving ahead, we remain engaged and accessible during the entire transaction lifecycle to ensure that the deal gets to the closing table.  Our success has been built on our ability to excel in carefully crafting the necessary transaction documents, communicating with our clients and addressing their concerns, focusing our attention on crucial details, and keeping a level head when dealing with opposing legal counsel, brokers, lenders and other parties involved in a specific deal. 

Get Started with a Business Transaction Lawyer

JM LAW GROUP has had the privilege of guiding hundreds of buyers and sellers over the years.  We welcome the opportunity to provide our expertise in your next transaction. If you are contemplating the sale of your business, or are buying an existing business, contact us today to discuss our efficient process and billing structure.

Listen to Our Clients

Joshua Marks is outstanding. I am highly satisfied with the experience I received throughout the process of purchasing my business. Great law firm to work with for business transactions. I highly recommend anyone who's looking for an attorney in real estate or other business related matters to give them a call.

Gaite J.

Josh Marks and team walking in hallway

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JM LAW GROUP has a team of legal professionals to assist in your next transaction, but each new relationship starts with an introductory call to understand your needs.