Vetted Biz interview

Expert Tips for Business Owners: Josh Marks Featured on Vetted Biz Podcast

Description: In this exclusive interview, we talked with a seasoned expert in the field of business law, Joshua Marks, who brings over 20 years of business law expertise. With a background representing individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners, Joshua has honed his skills in various aspects of the legal landscape, including the purchase/sale of properties, […]

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signing contract

The True Cost of Your Deal

Most people have a general understanding that there are certain “closing costs” associated with any real estate or business transaction. These costs are in addition to the purchase price of the real estate or business, thereby adding to the buyer’s overall costs of the deal. What I often find, however, is that many people are […]

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Get Out of Contract

Can You “Get Out” of Your Contract?

Whether you have signed a lease agreement, vendor contract, or some other type of agreement, you may be wondering if you can now “get out” of the contract due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some possible defenses in your favor: Force Majeure – Read your contract to see if it contains a Force Majeure […]

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Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent (“LOI”)

A Letter of Intent (“LOI”) is often used by attorneys and brokers to establish the framework for a transaction. Typically, key terms are memorialized in a non-binding LOI in order to allow the parties to move forward toward drafting legal documents to consummate a deal. What basic terms should be in an LOI? 1. Identify […]

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Tom Brady

A Lesson From Tom Brady

Love him or hate him (and I know how most of us Eagles fans feel), Tom Brady is a 6-time Super Bowl Champion (as of date of this article). And for all of the training, preparation, and film study that has been the foundation of his success, it’s perhaps Brady’s “team-friendly” contracts over the years […]

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Holding money in escrow

Holding Money in Escrow When Buying a Business

If you are negotiating to buy a business, then you are most likely interested in buying the assets without taking on any of the pre-existing liabilities such as debts, lawsuits, taxes, etc. It is wise (and some say imperative) to require that a portion of the proceeds payable to the Seller be held in escrow […]

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Tenant Restrictions

Tenants & Business Owners Affected by COVID-19 Restrictions

Several retail clients and other business owners have reached out to us looking for guidance given the recent mandated shut-down or restrictions imposed upon “non-essential” businesses. We have contacted many of our real estate industry connections to gauge what actions commercial landlords are taking with tenants who can’t pay rent. Here are some quick tips […]

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Scrabble Tile 'P'

The “3 P’s” Of Deal Making

If you follow people on social media like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins, you hear similar themes that apply to life and entrepreneurship–passion, persistence and patience. It occurred to me that these “3 P’s” are also essential to making business and real estate deals happen. Passion- Finding a great business or piece of […]

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high five in management deal

Management Deals

A Management Agreement allows a person or company to step in and manage (run) your business. The most common reasons to relinquish control of your business to a Manager are: (i) the Manager intends on purchasing your business in the near future; or ii.) you no longer want the responsibility of running the business or […]

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Lease Screen Shot

Common Commercial Lease Oversights By Tenants

Overlooking a few key terms in a commercial lease can cost any business significant money or headaches.  Here are 3 key provisions that every commercial tenant should review closely before signing on the dotted line: Understand what constitutes “Rent“- Many inexperienced tenants overlook the fact that “Rent” is more than just the negotiated dollar amount […]

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